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At Mellowood Medical we pride ourselves in taking seriously feedback from our users and industry experts.

Our Professional Advisory Board ensures our sector-leading position:

Drs. Anna Carby, Stuart, Lavery, G. Trew, IVF Hammersmith, London, UK
Dr. Alan Thornhill PhD, Bridge Clinic, London
Drs. David and Sharon Mortimer PhD, AART, Halifax, Canada; Oozoa Biomedical, Vancouver, Canada
Dr. Denny Sakkas PhD, Yale IVF
Mr. Jonathan Skull, Jessop Women's Clinic, Sheffield
Dr. Joyce Harper PhD, University College Centre for PGD Research, Training and Treatment, London, UK
Dr. Kay Elder PhD, Bourn Hall, Cambridge
Mr. Jonathan Lord, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, Fertility Centre, Truro UK
Dr. Marcelle Cedars, UCSF Center for Reproductive Health, San Francisco, USA
Prof. Stephen Gordts, LIFE, Leuven, Belgium



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