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Benefits of IDEAS V.6™

• IDEAS V.6™ provides information on all patient demographics. Geographic and referral patterns can be analyzed with complete flexibility via the Query Designer.

• Helps your management team carry out a strategic planning process.

• Use selected indicators to monitor cycle progress by using the flexibility and power of the Query Designer.

• Human, Financial and Physicial resources are appropriately allocated throughout the organization.

• Workload analyses can be performed using the Query Designer to access stored information.

• IDEAS V.6™ can help determine the actual workload of individual operators performing laboratory procedures, patient orientations, or managing stimulations.

• Helps determine the timely sequence of events and identification of delays that might cause compromise of any of the steps in the patient management and treatment processes including the geographic distribution of workload with MultiSites.

• Ongoing QC/QA activities are supported via built in queries that provide process-based analyses of user-defined indicators that can be compared to benchmarks.

• IDEAS V.6™ can help process the safe use of equipment, supplies, and medical devices.

• Information on all products used in clinical and laboratory procedures can be recorded in the database, including manufacturer and product identifications, as well as batch/lot numbers and expiry dates at the individual egg and embryo level.

• A workflow tool that helps an organization evaluate and improve human resources processes to achieve desired results.

• IDEAS V.6™ utilizes Operator-specific indicators (eg. ICSI fertilization rates, embryo transfer outcomes) that can structure and analyze data that are routinely recorded in the database as part of normal operations.

• Competency can be determined for staff performing technical procedures by using the Query Designer to analyze operation data, on an ongoing basis.

• An Organization can regularly evaluate and improve information management processes to achieve the best possible results.

• Mellowood Medical is committed to providing software that will evolve in a way that reflects its users needs and the professional environment in which they work. The ability to monitor process is at the heart of our new developments, such as the Treatment Plan Builder.


Last modified on: January 2, 2017
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